The Egyptian Customs Authority launched a new electronic system for the pre-registration of all shipment information, aptly named the Advanced Cargo Information (ACI). Registration on the ACI will be mandatory for all shipments arriving at Egyptian seaports from July 1, 2021. Air and land ports will follow suite in the next phase of implementation and will require registration for all inbound cargo on the ACI.

Exporters who plan to deliver goods to Egypt by sea must register in advance once with CargoX, the blockchain service provider for immutably registering and transferring the shipping documents. Consequently, importers must enter all relevant data using a proforma invoice via Nafeza, the National Single Window for Egyptian Trade electronic platform. The system will then issue an Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) number within 48 hours. All documents such as invoices, certificates of origin, and shipping documents must list the aforementioned ACID number. Any and all deliveries arriving with shipping documents that have no ACID number will be rejected.

It is worth noting that the regulations stipulated by the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) to authorize the import of certain goods are still enacted despite the updated Customs procedure. By way of background, trademark owners are required to record the name of the manufacturer, as well as the corresponding trademark registration of the imported products at the GOEIC. For more information on the requirements for the recordal and a comprehensive list of products that require registration with the GOEIC, click here.

We expect this update to streamline and speed up Customs procedures for exports to Egypt through the online system.

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