We continually monitor publications of newly filed trademarks in the region to make sure that they do not infringe on your trademarks. Our experts examine phonetic and visual similarities, as well as transliterations and translations, of protected trademarks.

In the Middle East and North Africa, where the majority of goods available to consumers and industries are imported, customs recordal can be a valuable tool to protect you, as IP owners, and the general public, against counterfeit products. This is particularly salient for the pharmaceutical industry where western medication and devices are generally favored over the locally manufactured generic substitutes.

Where possible, our experts ensure accurate customs recordation of your trademarks and provide on-site brand training to customs officers.

We understand our local markets and conduct field investigations to identify sources and points of sale of counterfeit products. Working closely with you, we ensure that our approach remains true to the brand owner’s overall enforcement strategy.

Whether your concerns are regional or cover a single jurisdiction, our experts are on hand to tailor a suitable anti-counterfeiting program for you.

With an in-depth understanding of local laws and practices, we seek strategies that defend your intangible assets, and have successfully litigated a multitude of cases across the Middle East and North Africa.