Our trademark practice encompasses all facets of brand protection, including trademark registration, clearance, prosecution, watch, enforcement, and maintenance.

We work with you to identify the distinctive elements of your trademarks and define a comprehensive filing strategy to ensure adequate protection.

We are regionally renowned for our prolific patent procurement and exceptional portfolio management, as well as topnotch work in Arabic patent translation. Our areas of expertise span numerous industries, including pharmaceutical, petrochemical, manufacturing, food products and manufacturing processes, electronics, and telecommunications.

Our patent experts evaluate the patentability of your inventions and offer prior art searches, and novelty and inventiveness evaluations. We work with you to formulate patent filing strategies and ensure that patent registrations are in line with local patent requirements through our offices in the Middle East and North Africa.

We conduct design-related registration and utility model searches, as well as relevant market research, to determine the distinctiveness of your industrial design and the appropriate IP rights to pursue.

We handle all aspects of research, registration, management, and prosecution of your rights, and ensure the validity of your industrial design IP through the continuous payment of maintenance fees, and recording of any amendments.

We advise and represent you in a broad range of issues related to the acquisition, transfer, exploitation, and protection of copyrightable works.