Saba & Co. Intellectual Property (Saba IP) was founded in 1926, at a time when the field of Intellectual Property Law, in the Middle East, was still in its infancy. As the region developed, the firm expanded, while never wavering from our commitment to serve you and safeguard your IP rights in the region.

Operating through an extensive network of branch and representative offices across the Middle East, Africa, and neighboring regions, we enjoy  the reputation of a leading service provider.


We are active in all areas of prosecution, registration, and enforcement of intellectual property rights, and provide a full range of related legal and paralegal services.

While protecting your intellectual property is our primary concern,   we also aim to maximize the value of your brands and inventions.

Our Values

Our core values define who we are, what we do, and how we do it. They shape the way we conduct our work, how we interact with our colleagues and associates, and how we develop our strategies.  Simply speaking, our core values are:  

Integrity,  Human Capital,  Commitment, Accountability, Results-oriented and Excellence.

Our History

Saba IP has been catering to clients since the firm’s establishment in 1926. Today, we maintain our position as one of the top regional intellectual property firms.

  1. 2019

    First sound marks filed in Oman

  2. 2017

    Saba IP was ranked as the Middle East IP Firm of the Year by MIP

  3. 2016

    Saba IP was ranked as the Middle East IP Firm of the Year by MIP

  4. 2015

    Re-branding of Saba IP and launch of the new website

  5. 2012

    Head Office relocated to the upscale suburbs of Hazmieh

    Sana’a office received first Letters Patent in Yemen

  6. 1981

    Doha office filed first trademark application in Qatar

  7. 1980

    Doha office opened

  8. 1974

    Muscat office opened

  9. 1966

    Algiers office opened

  10. 1964

    Dubai office opened

  11. 1962

    Sana'a office opened

    Nicosia office opened

  12. 1961

    Gaza office opened

    Rabat Office opened

  13. 1955

    Manama office opened

  14. 1954

    Tripoli office opened

  15. 1951

    Riyadh office opened

  16. 1949

    Kuwait office opened

  17. 1948

    Damascus office opened

  18. 1947

    Baghdad office opened

  19. 1945

    Amman office opened

  20. 1944

    Cairo office opened

  21. 1942

    The Internal Bulletin, the forerunner of Sabacony News, began production

    Beirut office opened

  22. 1926

    Establishment of Saba & Co.