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Egypt: Importing is No GOEIC-ing Matter

February 1, 2019

In an effort to combat the illicit importation goods into the country, Egyptian authorities decreed a set of regulations in March 2016 stipulating that certain imported goods will not legally enter into the market unless the merchandise is authorized by the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC).

As of January 15, 2019, GOEIC included more goods on the list, as declared in Ministerial Decree no. 44 of 2019. The Decree also confirms the present procedure to obtain authorization. As such, trademark owners are required to record the name of the manufacturer, as well as the corresponding trademark registration of the imported products at GOEIC.

The requirements for the recordal are outlined in the table below.                                                                                                                  

Recordal of the name of the manufacturer

Recordal of the trademark registration

Certificate of incorporation

List of the manufacturer’s products and trademarks

Certificate evidencing that the factory has a quality control system, issued from an authority recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), International Accreditation Forum (IAF), or any Egyptian or foreign authority approved by the Minister responsible for foreign trade



Certificate of trademark registration, local of foreign. The registration in the home country is preferable if owners opt for the submission of the foreign registration.

Certificate issued from the company owning the trademark regarding the distribution centers that are authorized to distribute the products bearing the trademark

Certificate evidencing that the company owning the trademark has a quality control system/quality assurance, issued from an authority recognized by ILAC, IAF, or any Egyptian or foreign authority approved by the Minister responsible for foreign trade

The updated list of products that require registration with GOEIC:           

  1. Milk and milk products for retail sale in packages of 2 kg or less
  2. Preserved and dried fruits for retail sale in packages of 2 kg or less
  3. Oils and fats for retail sale in packages of 2 kg or less
  4. Chocolate and food products containing cocoa for retail sale in packages of 2 kg or less
  5. Sugar confectioneries
  6. Pastries and food preparations of cereals, bread and bakery products
  7. Fruit juices for retail sale in packages of 10 kg or less
  8. Natural, mineral and carbonated water
  9. Make-up cosmetics, oral and dental care products, deodorants, toiletries and perfume preparations
  10. Soap and surfactants intended for use as soap, for retail sale
  11. Floor coverings
  12. Bath tubs, sinks, wash basins, toilets, toilet seats and covers thereof
  13. Toilet paper, cosmetic paper, diapers, and towels
  14. Tableware, cutlery and kitchenware
  15. Table glassware
  16. Reinforced iron
  17. Household appliances (stoves, fryers, air-conditioners, fans, washing machines, blenders, heaters)
  18. Home and office furniture
  19. Regular bicycles, motorbikes, motorized bikes
  20. Watches
  21. Lighting devices for home use
  22. Toys
  23. Textiles, clothing, furnishing, carpets, blankets and footwear except PPE and medical use clothes
  24. Carpets
  25. Footwear
  26. Bags
  27. Items for the transfer and packaging goods (containers, boxes, bags, and similar products)
  28. Shaving and hair removal appliances
  29. Phones

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