In an effort to ensure a regular publication schedule and to streamline the opposition process, trademarks are published online on a monthly basis by the Trademark Office in Zanzibar as of March 1, 2020.

Previously, before the introduction of the electronic publication platform at the TMO, the publication of trademark applications was sporadic and infrequent in Zanzibar and that caused some delays in filing oppositions and in issuing trademark registrations. We expect this new electronic process to reduce the time required for completing trademark matters at the TMO and to end the publication backlog.

In related news, the TMO is also expected to establish an online platform to begin receiving and processing trademark applications, signifying a deep-rooted commitment to develop and establish a competent IP system.

Trademark Protection Framework in Zanzibar


10th Edition of the Nice Classification — single class application


Search is possible for word and device marks


Examination is performed on formal, absolute, and relative grounds

Opposition Period

Oppositions may be filed 60 days from publication date

Protection Term

Protection term is 10 years from filing date and renewable for periods of 7 years each


Trademarks are vulnerable to cancellation proceeding if the mark has not been used for 3 years from date of filing

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