The implementing regulations of Trademark Law no. 23 of 2010 in Yemen were issued on July 27, 2011 and will be applicable as of the following week. The main features of the regulations include:

1. The official fees for most IP-related matters will increase substantially in comparison with their current level.

2. The 8th edition of the Nice classification will be adopted with no local sub-classification.

3. The Registrar is expected to complete substantive examination (examination on absolute and relative grounds) within 30 days from submission of all required documents.

4. Registered trademarks will be published for a second time in the Trademark Magazine. The publication should include the filing number, the owner’s name, and the application’s first publication date.

5. Applications for renewal of trademarks will be published in the Official Gazette.

6. Recordal of an assignment or a pledge with respect to a registered trademark is possible as long as all the required documents are available.

7. In the event that an owner of a trademark desires to secure provisional protection to a mark which is used on products or services displayed in national or international exhibitions held in the country, he shall notify the competent authority one month before the opening of the exhibition. The trademark’s owner shall be granted a certificate of provisional protection of his trademark within a period that does not exceed 3 months after the end of the exhibition.

Furthermore, pursuant to the new implementing regulations, the Trademark Office will no longer issue any certificates of renewal, merger, change of name, change of address or assignment. Only official receipts to this effect will be granted to applicants attesting to any change of title.

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