The Yemeni government has introduced the official fees schedule in connection with patent registration and maintenance in the country. By virtue of Ministerial Resolution no. 349 of 2007, issued on August 26, 2007, the new scale of official fees covers the cost of filing up to grant of a patent including the charges related to the formal as well the substantive examination. The new scale also sets out the annuity fees schedule, which are due each year on the anniversary of the filing date and are payable before the granting of the patent. The fees are applicable on all pending applications (filed before the issuance of the new regulations implementing the patent provisions of Intellectual Property Law no. 19 of 1994) as well as all new applications.

Resolution no. 349 of 2007 regarding the official fees will come into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette which is expected within a month or two. Meanwhile, the Yemeni Patent Office is still setting up its operations in preparation for the new regulations. Details related to the handling of annuity payments, especially for patents filed before the entry into force of the regulations, will be available once the Office completes its setup.

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