Given the recent trend in going paperless around the globe, the Trademark Office in Myanmar announced the upcoming inauguration of its electronic platform for the filing of trademark applications as of October 1, 2020.

A soft launch of the new electronic trademark registration system was scheduled for January of this year, but has since been delayed by the authorities concerned. The new electronic trademark registration system will be accepting the re-registration of (1) marks previously registered under a Declaration of Ownership of Trademark; or (2) marks actually used in Myanmar.

It is worth noting that scanned copies of the Declaration of Ownership will be sufficient for the re-registration process, although originals may be subsequently requested by the TMO for further review.

Proof of the use of the mark in Myanmar may be demonstrated through the submission of a copy of the publication of a Cautionary Notice in local newspapers, or advertisements or promotional materials, tax receipts, or by other means which tend to prove actual use of the mark in Myanmar.

As Myanmar stands on the verge of a major legal and economic transformation, we expect that with the proper application and enforcement of IP laws Myanmar will become more of an innovative hub in Southeast Asia.

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