The Customs in Sharjah, one of the seven Emirates of the UAE, has recently introduced a trademark recordation system for marks registered at the UAE Trademark Office similar to that adopted by the Dubai Customs. This system will undoubtedly help Customs officials target, intercept, and confiscate shipments of infringing goods. Below are the main features of this newly established recordation system: – The trademark to be recorded must have a valid registration at the UAE Trademark Office. – The classes of the trademark as registered at the UAE Trademark Office must match with those recorded at the Sharjah Customs. – The recordation does not cover service marks. – The application should include certain information on the recorded trademark as required by the applicable policies including guidelines that would help the Customs inspectors in differentiating between the counterfeits and the originals. – The recordation application must be accompanied by a certified copy of the UAE certificate of registration of the mark. – The recordation remains in force for the entire protection term of the trademark and can be renewed upon renewal of the registration at the Trademark Office. Should you wish to take advantage of this recordation system or should you have any further enquiries regarding the subject matter, please contact us at