The UAE Network Information Center and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority have recently announced that the Sunrise phase for registering an Arabic domain name will begin on October 17, 2010 and will last until December 15, 2010. The Sunrise phase is the second in a three-phase launching scheme. The conditions for eligibility of an application during this phase are as follows:

1. Eligibility of applicants: Applicants have to be the owners, licensees or assignees of eligible trademarks.It is worthy to note that local presence is not required.

2. Eligibility of trademarks: All trademarks that have been registered on or before May 1, 2010 with a competent Trademark Office or with an intergovernmental organization.

3. Syntax requirements:

(i) If the trademark is in Arabic script, then the domain name on the application must be an (a) exact match of the trademark, or (b) part of the trademark provided that this part is not a generic word, or (c) a combination of the trademark and a trade name, or (d) a combination of a trademark and some of the goods or services specified in the trademark registration.

(ii) If the trademark is in a script other than the Arabic script, the Arabic transliteration of the trademark     must meet all the conditions mentioned in (i).

To file a domain name registration the following documents are required:

– Application form
– Power of attorney
– Trademark name
– Trademark Arabic/English transliteration
– Country of registration
– Trademark registration date
– Trademark registration number
– Class
– Nature of entitlement (owner, co-owner, assignee)

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