As more and more patent offices in the Middle East and North Africa evolve with updated laws, regulations or systems, the services they provide improve and become more streamlined and efficient. Not surprisingly, the Egyptian Patent Office (EGPO) launched its electronic patent services and began receiving and processing patent applications in electronic form as of January 1, 2022, via its online platform.

The new platform provides for a number of new features, such as specific format for submitting English and Arabic specifications, managing office actions, annuities and more. Applicants should expect certain changes as the system is thoroughly tested over time.

We expect this new practice to significantly speed up procedures at the EGPO, and to undoubtedly facilitate the registration process and promote innovation in Egypt.

What You Need to Know About Patents in Egypt

  • Equivalent Search: Patent applications and patents may be searched by title, patentee name, priority/PCT number, application number, subject matter
  • Examination: As to form, novelty, inventiveness, industrial applicability, unity, and compliance
  • Publications: Patents are published in the Official Gazette after allowance
  • Opposition: 60 days from publication
  • Annuities: Due annually on the anniversary of the international filing date and payable prior to grant. 12 months grace period for late payment with a surcharge
  • Protection Term: 20 years from the international filing date (minus one day)

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