The new patent law in Syria (Law no. 18 of 2012) was issued on March 30, 2012 and will enter into force within 60 days from its issuance date. The implementing regulations of this Law are not available yet.  It is however, expected to take a long time for the regulations to be issued.

The salient features of the new patent law are as follows:

– The term of protection is extended to 20 years from filing date instead of 15 years as per the previous Law.

– Examination is possible as to novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability.

– A maintenance fee is due annually on the anniversary of the date of grant. There is a 6-month grace period for late payment with a surcharge. Reinstatement of a patent is possible within 6 months from the date the patent is cancelled.

– Patents of Addition are admissible.

– Patent applications accepted by the Registrar are published in the Official Gazette. Oppositions may be filed within 6 months from publication date.

– A patent has to be worked. If the patent is not being fully exploited by the patentee within 4 years from filing date or 3 years from the date of grant, the patent will be subject to compulsory licensing under the provisions of the law.
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