The recordal of trademarks by rights owners is now possible at the Sudanese Customs, in accordance with Articles 14 and 22 of the newly released border regulations. After completing the recordal, the trademark will be placed on watch, and products bearing this trademark or a similar mark will be monitored and inspected ex-officio. Products suspected of being counterfeit will be suspended and the rights owner as well as the importer will be immediately notified. Recordation is valid for one year, renewable for like periods.

The documents required in support of the recordation are as follows:

1- Power of attorney, legalized up to the Sudanese Consulate
2- Certified copy of the registration certificate of the trademark to be recorded
3- Request form
4- An electronic presentation of the original product to aid the Customs officials in detecting counterfeit products and differentiating them from the originals.

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