The Customs authorities in Sudan have introduced new and stringent border measures to protect Intellectual Property Rights in the country. Border Customs have an important duty to stop the import and export of counterfeited and pirated products. The efficient monitoring of borders and the prompt seizing of such products is an integral step a country has to make in the direction of comprehensive IP protection.

The new border measures for the Custom authorities are summarized below:

– The Customs authorities can suspend entry into Sudan of alleged counterfeit and pirated products.

– The request for suspension should be supported by adequate evidence and information that the registered rights were violated and the imported goods are counterfeited or pirated.
– Legal proceedings should be initiated by the rightful owner within a ten-day period or else the seizure measure will be lifted.

– The rightful owner shall be allowed to inspect the confiscated goods under the supervision of the Customs.

– If the suspended goods are declared counterfeit by a final Court decision, they would be destroyed.

– The measures do not include goods that are in transit, or personal items and gifts.  

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