In September 2018, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property participated in the 58th meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization. This is the first time SAIP represents as a high-level delegation in the WIPO general assembly meetings. The authorities concerned announced the upcoming launch of the Academy of the World Intellectual Property Organization in Saudi Arabia—a clear indication of SAIP’s commitment to the protection intellectual property in the country.

Since then, SAIP has signed a memorandum of understanding with the South Korean Intellectual Property Office to cooperate in the protection of intellectual property rights. The MOU, which aims to establish a general framework for IP cooperation between the two countries, and increase bilateral cooperation, foresees joint activities in the exchange of information on the policies, strategies, and plans related to automation systems.

The authorities concerned at SAIP also welcomed a United States delegation and reaffirmed the two countries’ IP cooperation, as per a previous MOU signed by the US and Saudi Arabia.

On the local front, SAIP has been actively involved in the investment and invigoration of Saudi Arabia’s knowledge economy. SAIP has held workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship, IP training sessions, and presentation on various aspects relating to enforcement of IP rights. Saba IP and our local affiliate in Saudi Arabia were selected to participate and present in these seminars.

These are but a few major highlights of high profile events in Saudi Arabia that are indicative of the country’s drive and motivation to develop its own innovation and economic systems. Saba IP, as one of the most active IP firms in the region, is also committed and very active in that area to increase awareness of IP rights in the region and for the region.

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