According to the 2008 semi-annual report of the Saudi Commercial Anti-Fraud Department, more than 1966 complaints were filed at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the first half of the year against local companies in Saudi Arabia for alleged distribution of counterfeit products including clothing, handbags, perfumes, auto parts, toys, sunglasses, and other items. The report also gives credit to the joint efforts of the Commercial Anti-Fraud Department and the Customs Authorities which have led to the suspension of a considerable amount of counterfeit products imported into the country.

The above comes in the scope of the continuous efforts of the Saudi Arabian government to eliminate all possible threats of commercial fraud. Perpetrators will be subject to sanctions (as defined by the country’s Trademark Law and Commercial Anti-Fraud Law) including monetary fines of up to one million Riyals (around $ 260,000) as well as legal prosecution resulting in a maximum of three years imprisonment.

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