The Customs Authorities raided and destroyed more than 100 million medical devices, coming from many places and for different reasons such as unregulated temperature and lack of storage among other factors.

It is worth noting that more than 1500 companies and local enterprises are in the business so far and this specific market is worth more than 15 billion Saudi Riyals.

Medical equipment entering the market and present in private and public hospitals are being monitored by many sources, to ensure that the counterfeit products are all confiscated, destroyed and that these products do not enter the country in the first place. Licenses are being provided by the Customs, to companies that buy these devices, as a way to ensure quality control in a more efficient manner, and to be able to defend these enterprises in case of any counterfeits.

The above portrays the Saudi government’s on going efforts in improving the anti-counterfeit measures, to protect the consumer’s health and ensure devices of good quality, by staying ahead of corruption.

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