In compliance with its mandate to unify all IP related matters under one authority, in the latest development, trademarks previously managed by Ministry of Trade and Investment, have now been transferred under the umbrella of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property.

With this update, SAIP showcases its efforts as a self-funded agency with consolidated enforcement power and streamlined procedures. It is worth noting that SAIP has been very active since its inception in late 2017, and recently began handling the registration of patents, layout designs of integrated circuits, plant varieties, industrial designs, and copyrights.

Saudi Arabia shows its commitment to develop and establish a competent IP system and demonstrates its awareness of the strategic importance of IP on the country’s economic development.

Trademark Protection Framework in Saudi Arabia

Classification: 10th edition – single class application. Class 33, alcoholic goods in class 32, pork meat in class 29, and Christmas trees and related products in class 28 cannot be registered

Search: Possible for word and device marks

Examination: On formal, absolute, and relative grounds

Opposition: 60 days from publication date

Protection Term: 10 Hijri years (approximately 9 years and 8 months) from filing date and renewable for like periods

Use: Vulnerable to cancellation if mark has not been used for 5 years from filing

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