Trademark applications can now be submitted electronically at the Saudi Trademark Office (STMO). This Electronic Application System (EAS) allows applicants to fill-out an on-line application form, check and review it for accuracy and precision, and then submit it directly over the Internet. All forms filed via EAS are time/date stamped when received on the STMO server.

Pursuant to this system, the STMO will no longer accept specifications for goods and services that do not exactly match with the Nice specification. Applications with an item that is not explicitly on that list will not be properly docketed into the system, which would basically result in considerable delays. Applicants should carefully account for this especially when faced with approaching deadlines, such as the Paris Convention priority deadlines. It is worth mentioning that class headings are acceptable by the STMO, meaning that applications with class headings will be processed by the EAS in a much faster way.

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