A Laboratory for the Inspection and Sample Testing of Electronic Appliances and Spare Car Parts in the Middle East has recently been established in Saudi Arabia. It focuses on monitoring the quality of brake fabrics and oil filters for cars as well as electrical home appliances, computers, audio equipment, lighting and communication devices.

Studies show that counterfeit brake fabrics, which represent more than 50% of counterfeit products in Saudi Arabia, are made of cardboard material and substances as well as sawdust, which degrade quickly and result in more accidents.

Therefore, the Laboratory is expected to frequently collect random car parts from markets all over the country and examine them in order to make sure they are authentic and comply with the country’s requirements and regulations.

The Laboratory will also be cooperating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Customs Authorities for better enforcement.

The above portrays the Saudi government’s continuous efforts in protecting the consumers’ rights and ensuring products of good quality.

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