The Customs Authority  raided a large amount of stores this year. The quantity of counterfeits in Saudi Arabia drastically increased during the second quarter of 2012, reaching an average of 18.2 million pieces.

The quantity that was discovered and raided, in contrast, portrays the success of plans and joint efforts exerted by the Commercial Anti-Fraud Department and the Customs Authorities in fighting  piracy and suspending this considerable counterfeit amount imported into the country.

In addition, according to Article 43 of Law no. M/21 as defined by the country’s Trademark and Commercial Anti-Fraud Law on the Protection of Trademarks, perpetrators will be subject to sanctions, including monetary fines as well as legal prosecution resulting in imprisonment, if they were to:

1. Copy a registered trademark in a way that misleads the public, and use in bad faith.  If they put or use a trademark owned by another on their products or services.

2. Offer, put up for sale, sell or possess with intention of selling products carrying a counterfeit trademark, despite their knowledge, as well as anyone who offers to render services under such a trademark despite his knowledge thereof.

The above comes in the scope of the continuous efforts of the Saudi Arabian government to eliminate all possible threats of counterfeits, by adopting strict measures aimed at protecting consumers’ rights in order to ensure products of good quality.

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