The Qatari Trademark Office is accepting applications in classes 43, 44 and 45 as of February 12, 2017. For a long time before the introduction of this new arrangement, the TMO followed the 7th Edition of the Nice Classification, which is limited to 42 classes only.

The TMO will soon decide on how it will treat pending trademark applications, as well as trademark registrations in class 42 following the new classification system. It is still not clear if the TMO is going to follow the 10th or the 11th edition. While there are no material differences between both editions, we see some changes in the specification of classes 42 and 45 that are worthy of mentioning in this context:

  • The addition of unlocking of mobile phones under class 42;
  • The addition of dog walking, kimono dressing assistance, and conducting religious ceremonies under class 45.

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