The Qatari Trademark Office announced that a certified copy of the priority document will suffice to support a convention priority claim. This update comes after the cancellation of the legalization requirement, which was introduced a few months ago. Filing requirements for a new trademark application are as follows:

1. A Power of attorney legalized up to Qatari Consulate. A general power may be used for subsequent filings 
2. A simple copy of the certificate of incorporation/extract from the commercial register/any document attesting to the legal entity, name and address of the applicant; no authentication is required. However, if the applicant is an individual, then a document evidencing that said person is practicing trade must be submitted instead 
3. A copy of the priority document, if priority is claimed, certified by the issuing authority 
4. Five prints of the mark for the application; electronic submissions are accepted

Documents 1 and 2 are to be submitted at the time of filing; an exception to this is when a priority deadline is imminent. Should this be the case, the application can be filed only a few days before the deadline, while the documents in 1, 2 and 3 can be filed within six months from the filing date.