The Patent Office in Qatar announced that the deadline for the submission of the required documents and payment of official fees, annuities, and substantive examination fees will be extended to September 30, 2015, for patents filed before December 31, 2014.

As for new patent applications, in addition to the filling fees, the patent office will collect the second annuity fees and, if due, the third annuity fees. The substantive examination fees must be settled within six months from the date of filing. Annuity fees for applications are payable for each one-year period between the second and twentieth anniversaries of the date of filing of the international application for PCT applications. As for non-PCT applications, the annuity fees are due before the first day of each of the one-year periods they cover.

A surcharge will be levied for the late payment of annuity fees per year, provided that the payment is made within a grace period of six months.

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