By virtue of Emiri Decree no.16/2010 Qatar has enacted the e-Transactions and e-Commerce Law. This law is the first complete and comprehensive law in Qatar that deals with the rules and regulations concerning e-business, as well as the penalties for breaking such rules. The official decree explained the importance of such e-Transaction and e-Commerce Laws in the protection of both business owners and consumers. The law was drafted by the Supreme Council of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR). The Council was given jurisdiction to develop the law, and conduct necessary consolations with concerned official bodies. The ictQATAR hopes this and related e-commerce and e-transaction laws will help foster a safe and reliable environment for companies that utilize the internet as their primary modus operandi. The law includes provisions on e-mail content privacy, the legalization of e-signatures, and the security of consumer information with regard to online-shopping.  Ultimately the aim of such e-laws is to boost electronic commerce as an effective tool for businesses to increase their efficiency.

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