Authorities have not yet established the necessary Office for receiving design applications nor have the implementing regulations been drafted, even though patent applications are now being filed in Qatar, pursuant to Law no. 30 of 2006. In September 2002, Law no.9 of 2002 came into force for the protection of trademarks, commercial indications, trade names, geographical indications and industrial designs, and has not been amended so far.

As an alternative measure, protection may be sought by publishing cautionary notices at regular intervals in local newspapers. Such notices could have legal value when submitted to the Courts in the event of infringement, thereby claiming ownership of the design and warning the public against infringement.

The requirements for publishing a cautionary notice are as follows:

1. The title and particulars of the design corresponding to a foreign registration.
2. The owner’s particulars, starting with the name, address, nature of business and nationality.
3. The design description

It is also worth noting that the law is not enforceable because the regulations have not been drafted yet.

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