The Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Business Software Alliance (BSA), in an effort to boost the country’s anti-piracy strategies.

This recent agreement with the BSA, an association established by the software industry to battle software piracy across the world, comes as part of the Qatari government’s increasing enforcement of intellectual property rights. Recently recognized for having the best IT infrastructure in the Middle East, Qatar is developing its anti-piracy policies as well as enforcing IPR laws in order to attract foreign investors as well as strengthen its position as a booming economical power in the region. 

Officials from the BSA and Qatari government agree that this strategic collaboration provides an example of how the public and private sectors have a better chance at battling piracy through joint efforts and resources. The BSA currently operates anti software piracy programs in more than 80 countries worldwide, of which the addition of Qatar can only increase international awareness and efficiency for the counteracting of the illegal software trade.

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