The Trademark Office in Qatar has recently modified some of its registration practices in an attempt to enhance its operations and to provide applicants with an adequate intellectual property rights registration system. The new practices include the following:

1. All applications filed at the Trademark Office after February 1, 2006 will be processed and examined within one month from the filing date. At the same time, applications filed before February 1, 2006 and which remain pending will also be examined and finalized within a short period; reportedly by year end at the latest. In the absence of an opposition or an office action, registration of a trademark in Qatar should take no longer than six months from filing date.

2. Effective March 9, 2006, a trademark application will only be processed if accompanied with a legalized Power of Attorney and a simple photocopy of the Commercial Registration/Incorporation Certificate. Late filing of documents is no longer permissible.

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