The Omani Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued on May 16, 2010 Resolution no. 51/2010 regarding the official fees schedule in connection with Industrial Property Law no. 67 of 2008.

By virtue of Ministerial Resolution no. 51/2010, published in local gazette no. 911, the official fees for most IP-related matters have substantially increased in comparison with their current level. This increase varied from double the current rate for filing a single class trademark application to 5 times the current applicable fees for conducting a trademark search among the records of the Registry. As for patent matters, the increase ranged from 3 times the current rate for filing a patent application to 6 times the current rate for paying the 20th annuity.

One important section of Resolution no. 51 is that it includes the official fees related to the registration and renewal of industrial designs. This means that it will soon be possible to file design applications for the first time in the country. We will be providing you with more information on this in due course.

Resolution no. 51 comes into force on June 15, 2010 whereby the new rates will apply to new as well as pending applications. In light of this, Saba & Co. IP advises all clients that wish to benefit from the current fee schedule to file their applications before mid June.

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