In compliance with Article 37 of Law no. 67 of 2008, the Omani Trademark Office announced on July 1, 2008 that trademark applicants can no longer file an application claiming the whole class without specifying the particular goods/services. The Trademark Office will consider the use of any of the class headings as being too indefinite and not specific. As a result of this new decision, applicants are required, when filing a new application, to specify the goods/services in the class or else the application will not be accepted. In other words, the actual language of the goods or services specified in the registration will define the parameters of the scope of protection of a registration. This new decision also applies to all pending trademark applications that are currently filed at the Trademark Office but are not published yet. These applications will not mature to registration unless the list of goods/services are amended accordingly. The Registrar is expected to issue a decision in this regard on a case by case basis.

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