In their ongoing efforts to enforce intellectual property rights and protect consumers, the Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) seized counterfeit synthetic engine oil worth AED 20 million (around USD 5.5 million). Over 100,000 packets of oil bearing trademarks of Saba IP’s multinational clients were discovered by the authorities concerned, much to the chagrin of the counterfeiters.

Following several weeks of ceaseless work, our colleagues in the UAE Office located the factory in question in the Ajman Industrial Area and filed the case with the Ajman DED. It is worth noting that the Ajman DED has a clear, efficient and accessible online complaints system that allows brand owners to enforce their rights promptly within the borders of Ajman.

We highly recommend the use of the administrative complaints that are available in the UAE to help brand owners enforce their rights against counterfeiting, as it is quick and more cost-efficient remedy. In addition, the fines applied by the various Emirati economic development departments are higher than those imposed by criminal courts.

Needless to say, counterfeiters will think twice before trying to slip undetected under the watchful eye of the law in the UAE.

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