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Oman: First Applications Filed for a Sound Mark

March 5, 2019

We are very pleased to report that we were the first to file sound mark applications at the Trademark Office in Oman. We expect that these applications, and other filed in the near future, to pass examination on absolute grounds since there are still no well-established guidelines on the examination process at the TMO.

With the absence of such guidelines and any cases involving the infringement of sound marks, the lacuna between legislation and implementation has yet to be bridged by the TMO. Precedents allow the parties concerned to gauge the judicial interpretation of infringement cases involving similar circumstances. This means that the enforceability of sound trademarks at this stage is exclusively determined by what the law dictates on trademark infringement.

By way of background, Oman adopted the Gulf Cooperation Council Trademark Law in July 2017, which expanded the definition of a trademark significantly to include color marks, sound marks, and smell marks as trademarks.

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