The Libyan Trademark Office issued an Official Gazette on May 20, 2013 including more than 125 marks, all approved for publication. It is worth noting that the last Gazette in the country was released almost 2 years ago, in 2011, prior to the civil war.  Although the recently published applications were filed back in 2008, we can now safely assume that the authorities of the country have stream-lined the work flow of the Office, and we therefore would expect more applications to be examined and published in the near future. It is not clear how frequently Gazettes will be issued moving forward but delays are expected.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Trademark Official Gazette


What information is included in the Official Gazette? The Official Gazette contains bibliographic information and a representative drawing for each mark published, along with a list of cancelled and renewed registrations.
What is the opposition period? Trademark applications accepted by the Registrar are published in the Official Gazette before registration. Oppositions may be filed within 3 months from publication date.
Is an extension of time to file a notice of opposition possible? Not possible
If a mark is in color, will it appear in the Gazette in color? Yes
Are opposition proceedings administrative or legal? Administrative. Oppositions are filed before the Trademark

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