The Libyan Trademark Office has just issued the first registration certificate after a wait of almost thirty years. This comes after a decision taken last year (Ministerial Resolution no. 316 dated May 7, 2009) to modify the form of the trademark registration certificate in the country. In light of this new development, Saba & Co. IP will be reviewing the files for all pending applications awaiting certificates and will be following-up on their status with the Trademark Office.
By way of background, the registration process in Libya entails several steps prior to a trademark receiving its Certificate of Registration. A summary of these steps is outlined below:
1. An application is filed to register the trademark.
2. The application is placed for examination.
3. Following a period of anywhere from 10 to 12 months the application is reviewed by an examiner to make sure that it complies with all requirements in order to be entitled to registration.
4. After the examination of the mark has concluded with no issues to be addressed or an applicant has responded adequately to an office action, the application will be published for opposition.
5. In the absence of an opposition or in case an opposition is decided in the applicant’s favor, the trademark will be registered.

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