The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon, organized and hosted a seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in Beirut, Lebanon on December 9 and 10, 2010. Several subject areas were covered by representative speakers from WIPO and local speakers from the Ministry of Economy and Trade with a focus on the enforcement measures for intellectual property rights. The themes covered included:

– Overview of the Intellectual Property System
– Counterfeiting and Global Warming
– Accounting for Socio-Economic and Technological Circumstances in IP Enforcement
– Enforcement of the Lebanese IP Law
– How to Effectively Tackle Counterfeiting in the Internet Era
– Balancing the Need for Effective Enforcement and the Imperatives of Facilitating Legitimate Trade
– IP Enforcement and Border Measures
– Piracy and Counterfeiting and its Impact on the Lebanese Economy

With the increasing recognition in value of intellectual property rights on a global scale, a focus on the enforcement of IP rights was well founded. Throughout the seminar, tackling counterfeiting strategies, remedies to such illegal acts, and border control measures were discussed in detail with many relevant examples. Further, the flare of the internet age has amplified such illegal acts and has caused them to become more flagrant worldwide. As such, the exploration of these matters by WIPO in relation to Lebanon and its economy was insightful, especially since the Lebanese Government is strengthening its movement against the breach of intellectual property rights.

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