During a recent conference organized by the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) in Amman, the Jordanian government announced plans to fight pharmaceutical counterfeits. The event, which gathered officials and representatives from the public and private sectors, was an occasion for the JFDA to announce that a draft law designed to protect consumers and the pharmaceutical industry from infringers was currently awaiting ratification. The bill includes penalties against pharmaceutical counterfeiting with 5 years of imprisonment and fines amounting to 10,000 JD (US $ 14,000). It is expected to mark the government’s intolerance of acts jeopardizing people’s health and lives. As part of the authorities’ efforts to battle counterfeiting more efficiently, the Jordanian government lately appointed 40 judges to rule in counterfeit and drug cases after having provided them with the necessary training and resources. According to recent reports, worldwide trade in counterfeit pharmaceuticals constitutes 30% of the international pharmaceutical market and 2% of the current Jordanian market.

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