The Jordanian government has recently introduced a new Public Prosecution Law (Law no. 11 of 2010) which was published in the country’s Official Gazette on June 1, 2010. According to the provisions of Article 16 of this Law, crimes committed in breach of Trademark Law no. 33 of 1952 and Copyright Law no. 22 of 1992 will be referred to a Central Public Prosecutor (CPP).

The authority of the CPP falls under the Public Prosecution Department of the Court of First Instance of Amman. Therefore, if the CPP finds the case to be of merits it will be assigned to the Court of First Instance of Amman, otherwise it will be dismissed. The Court of First Instance of Amman will then rule on the case according to the provisions of the Trademark Law and the Copyright Law.

It is important to note that Public Prosecution Law no. 11 of 2010 is a very recent law and is yet to be effected. However, when put into effect, this law is expected to significantly reduce the time frame of the IP court proceedings. 

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