The Jordanian Patent Office (JPO) has recently updated some of the requirements for patent applications in Jordan. The changes are as follows:

  1. The priority document should be translated into Arabic, in case it is originally in English.
  2. In case the priority document is in a language other than English, it should be translated into both English and Arabic.
  3. The names of inventors and/or applicants mentioned in the priority document should be the same as those mentioned on the Jordanian patent application. In case of any discrepancies, a notarized document explaining the difference should be submitted. The JPO maintains the right to accept or reject the explanation.
  4. Patent agents should update the JPO in case of any amendment of claims before the formal examination starts, if available.
  5. In order to minimize the number of pending applications at JPO, the applicant is advised to inform the JPO of any progress in the home application. The acceptance of the home application will usually favor the acceptance of the application files in Jordan.

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