The Jordanian authorities have recently seized a large consignment of counterfeit drugs, used for the treatment of cancer and heart disease. The estimated market value of the seized products is 250,000 Jordanian Dinars (around US $ 353,000). A criminal case against the perpetrators was commenced by the Public Prosecution. It is not known what effect the counterfeit drugs may have had on the patients’ medication diets.

Drug counterfeiting is a great threat to public health. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that as much as 10 percent of the half trillion dollar pharmaceutical market is counterfeit. Also, according to the WHO, more than half of the drug supply in the developing countries may be fake and reportedly thousands of patients from these countries are thought to have died in recent years as a direct result of counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit medication could easily get into any legitimate drug supply chain and for this authorities are urged to keep improving anti-counterfeit methods to protect the public and stay ahead of the criminals.

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