The Jordanian National Information Technology Center (NITC) has launched the first phase of Arabic domain name registration on October 17, 2010. This phase is restricted to Governmental institutions and is expected to end on November 6, 2010. The second (Sunrise) phase will start on November 7, 2010 and will end on December 4, 2010.

We outline below the general requirements for eligibility:
– Registration is open to private and public institutions only.

– Applicants are eligible for an Arabic domain name registration in Jordan only if they already own a Jordanian domain name under .jo or its variants (for example, or However, the Jordanian Domain Name Service has pointed out that the registration for applicants who do not have domain names in English under .jo and its variants might be able to apply for Arabic domains at a later stage.

– The chosen domain name must be:
(i) an exact match of the trade name; in this case the chosen domain name must include a phrase or a word that describes the nature of the company
(ii) derived from the trade name but must include a phrase or a word that describes the nature of the company
(iii) one of the trademarks owned by the company

A third party can administer a domain name on behalf of an applicant given that it is authorized to do so. This means, that local presence is not required.

The following documents will be required to file an Arabic domain name application corresponding to a trademark:

– A notarized and legalized power of attorney in the name of the applicant company. 
– A copy of the certificate of registration of trademark. 
– A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation for the applicant company.
– The primary name server and secondary name server and their IP addresses.

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