It is necessary to file applications in the MENA in respect of certain goods or services. All jurisdictions have adopted the Nice Classification with some having their own requirements as to what type of specification of goods or services will be permitted. For example, in Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, class 33 and alcoholic goods in class 32 cannot be registered. Also, pork meat in class 29 cannot be registered in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, in some countries, the applicant can file an application claiming the whole class without specifying the particular goods/services. The Trademark Offices do not object to the use of any of the class headings as being too indefinite or non-specific (such is the case in Egypt and the UAE, for example). Even more, in Saudi Arabia a claim other than a class heading or an item from a class heading will not be accepted. In other countries, such as Jordan and Sudan, the applicant must specify the goods/services in the class, otherwise the application will not be accepted. In other words, the actual language used in the specification of the goods/services in the registration will define the parameters of the scope of protection of a trademark registration.