As a much welcomed attempt at improving the litigation scene in the country, Egypt recently ratified Law No. 146 of 2019 that amends provisions related to Law No. 120 of 2008.

The new Law amends the Economic Court Law of 2008, which established eight Economic Courts all over Egypt since October 2008. These Courts have a jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases stemming from investment operations, consumer protection, commercial, and banking transactions. The new Law, which stipulates the establishment of an electronic platform for the filing of cases among other updates, is a welcome addition to the enforcement arsenal of brand owners.

The new Law underscores the Egyptian authorities’ intention to create a space for litigants to settle disputes amicably. In this regard, the Law inaugurates a new specialized Committee that will act as a mediator between both parties, investigate cases brought before the Economic Court, check evidence and documents, and assign hearing sessions.

We expect this update will result in an effective and efficient resolution of disputes in Egypt.

It is worth noting that Egypt boasts one of the largest and most diversified economies in the Middle East and North Africa, and maintains a relatively comprehensive regulatory and legislative system for the protection of trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, trade secrets, and unfair competition.

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