Given the recent trend in going paperless in the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Patent and Trademark Office in Oman announced that the all trademark services will gradually be conducted online starting with trademark registration on March 7, 2021.

These e-services, which will be provided via the PTO’s proprietary “Invest Easy” portal, replace previous procedures that required the submission of applications in person. Accordingly, we expect this new practice to significantly speed up procedures at the PTO, and to undoubtedly facilitate the registration process.

With this update, the PTO also announced a 20 percent fee on the paid official fees for using the online portal for all trademark matters. The new fees will be implemented as of March 7, 2021 as well, and will be capped at a maximum increase of OMR 20 (around USD 52) per application. 

Trademark Protection Framework in Oman:

  • Classification: 11th edition – single class application
  • Examination: On formal, absolute, and relative grounds
  • Opposition: 60 days from last publication date
  • Protection Term: 10 years from filing date and renewable for like periods
  • Use: Vulnerable to cancellation if mark has not been used for 5 consecutive years
  • Filing Requirements: POA, with Apostille certification, copy of certificate of incorporation or extract from the commercial register, and certified copy of priority document, if priority is claimed. All documents may be submitted within 60 days from filing date

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