A recent publication by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has reported the costs of unlicensed or pirated software in Bahrain for the year 2009 at around 21 million US Dollars. The BSA also reports that pirated software in Bahrainamounts to almost 54% of all software sales in the country. The BSA is an advocacy trade group, representing a number of major global software developers. Despite this amount of losses, the BSA reports that software piracy in Bahrain has in fact reduced from 2008, where by the percentage of pirated software sold stood at 55%, this reduction translating into a 7 million US Dollars decrease in pirated software sales. This decrease is reflective of the efforts that Bahraini authorities have been employing to stop piracy in the country. The BSA is also working in full cooperation with Bahraini officials in promoting a clearer understanding of the negative ramifications linked to software piracy in the country and in the region as a whole. 

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