On December 26, 2005, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued Resolution No. 40/2005 regarding the official fees schedule in connection with the Trademarks Law promulgated in the year 1991 by Decree No. 10/1991.

By virtue of Ministerial Resolution No. 40/2005, recently published in the local gazette no. 2720, the official fees for most trademark-related matters have been substantially increased in comparison with their current level. This increase varied from double the current rates for filing a single class application to 6 times the current applicable fees for conducting a trademark search among the records of the Registry.

Resolution No. 40 comes into force on January 4, 2006 at which date the new rates will apply to new as well as pending applications. For further information on this subject, please contact Saba & Co.’s Office in Bahrain.

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