The requirement for the Boycott of Israel Declaration has been waived for all new filings of national trademark, patent, and industrial design applications in Syria. With this development, it is now possible for all first-time applicants, not listed on the Boycott List, to register trademarks, patents, and designs in Syria without having to sign the Boycott of Israel Declaration.

Before this decision was made, applications were referred to the Boycott Office to clear the applicant’s company name. First-time applicants with no record of prior clearance were required to submit a Boycott declaration. Once clearance was obtained, the application followed the regular registration process. Applications that were not cleared by the Boycott Office were left pending. The Syrian authorities will soon decide on how these pending applications will be treated following the new decision. We will be reporting on this issue in due course.

Saba & Co. Intellectual Property encourages all clients, especially those who were unable to file their applications previously in Syria, to benefit from this new development, and will be more than pleased to handle your new applications in the country. The filing requirements of trademark, patent, and design applications in Syria as well as suitable power of attorney forms are available on our website.

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