Effective immediately, applications for trademark renewal will only be filed online. This move to e-filing comes also with a substantial increase in publication fees – 10 fold the current level.

 There have also been a number of unconfirmed reports that recordal applications will also be filed online. Although not implemented yet, this move to e-filing is also expected to be coupled with an increase in publication fees related to the recordal of assignments, licenses and mergers. We do not foresee a change in the fees for the recordal of change of name and address. By way of background, the move to e-filing of trademark registrations back in late 2013 also saw a significant increase in publication fees.

Renewal of Trademarks in Saudi Arabia:

  • Protection Period: 10 Hijri years (approximately 9 years and 8 months) from filing date and renewable for like periods
  • Filing Requirements: POA, legalized and Certificate of registration for endorsement
  • What you need to know: Grace period of 6 lunar months

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