Due Diligence

Our experts provide critical analysis prior to making any business decisions in areas such as corporate mergers or acquisitions, and product purchases or sales. Our IP due diligence service offers a thorough investigation and examination of assets, performed by our in-house experts and legal teams. We uncover third-party infringement cases, inadequate non-disclosure, confidentiality agreements, and hidden third-party rights.

Licensing and Franchising

Our Licensing and Franchising department delivers expert advice on the laws and regulations of your specific country or region and assist you in drafting agreements that guarantee the desired protection. Our attorneys also review existing agreements to ensure all your rights are preserved.

Trademark Commercialization

We audit your portfolios and understand your businesses to identify the opportunities and the risks in order to help them conduct business in our region. Our experts assist in drafting assignment, licensing, and franchising agreements and our legal teams represent your on all stages of the dispute resolution process including arbitration and litigation.

Patent Commercialization

We draft all forms of intellectual property and related agreements including licensing agreements.